Summer Bucket List

With the official start to summer fast approaching our family is gearing up for some summer fun. This time last year, we were new parents and still learning the ropes of balancing life with a newborn. With baby boy being only a few months old during the summer, we were hesitant about really doing much with him. This year will be different. Jaden is so active and interested in everything around him so we’re looking forward to enjoying as much family fun time as we can! In preparation for the months ahead, we have created a summer bucket list for our family. There are lots of things we look forward to doing this summer, but here are the top 10 things we absolutely want to do! Check out our list below.

  1. Water play – As the summer heat builds what could be more fun that lots of water play! We look forward to taking Jaden to the pool, local splash pad, and using the water table he got for his birthday. We started swim lessons three weeks ago to introduce baby boy to the swimming pool. The first week was a little rough, but at the following lessons, Jaden was feeling a lot more comfortable in the water.
  2. Visit the beach –  I can’t wait to take Jaden to the local “beach” in our city. I look forward to seeing how Jaden reacts to playing in the sand.
  3. Go to the zoo – As I mentioned before Jaden is extremely curious about the world around him. I have a feeling he will love seeing all the animals.
  4. Go to a baseball game – While we’re not huge fans of the sport, but who can resist and evening of baseball, hot dogs, and fireworks.
  5. Explore the city – Our city has so much to offer. We hope to go downtown and explore as much as we can, including walking the canal.
  6. Go to the museum –  I’ve always loved The Children’s Museum here in our city and it’s been a few years since I’ve been for a visit. Jaden has been into music and dancing lately and the museum has a new exhibit all about dance! How fitting! I’m sure he will love it.
  7. Roadtrip to visit family – We have some family members who still haven’t met Jaden. While that saddens us, we look forward to being able to take a family road trip to visit them this summer.
  8. Family walks – One of the things we love is taking walks as a family. We’re hoping to get as many walks in as possible.
  9. Visit a Farmers Market – There are farmers markets every Saturday in our city. We hope to make it to a few this summer. It’s such a family friendly event and of course we can get some good eats.
  10. 4th of July Parade & Fireworks – Every year, my parents neighborhood hosts a 4th of July Parade. For his birthday, we got Jaden a Radio Flyer wagon. My mom is excited to walk with Jaden and his cousin in the parade. We’re looking forward to fireworks as well!

There you have it, our summer bucket list. Hopefully you find some inspiration for your own family bucket list.

I’d like to know: What are some of your favorite summer activities?

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