2017 Goals: Be Active!

Last week I mentioned that I would be taking the next few posts to reflect on my goals for the year. If you missed my Goal 1 post, you can check it out here. This week I am sharing the changes I have made to my second goal.

Goal 2: Workout at least twice a week.

When I wrote this goal at the beginning of the year I was in a fitness rut. I had stopped attending the Saturday boot camp class that I had been in during the latter part of 2016 and I was participating in no other physical activity outside of walking the stairs at work between pumping sessions. Beginning with committing to working out twice a week seemed like a reasonable place to start.

During pregnancy, I gained about 25 lbs. Once I delivered, I was basically back to my pre-pregnancy weight. By the time Jaden was a few months old, nursing had contributed to me losing additional pounds with no real effort. I was the smallest I had ever been in my adult life. Even though I was losing weight, I could tell that I was also losing muscle strength and I was lacking in energy. Now that Jaden is almost weaned from nursing, I have noticed that I have gained back some of the weight that I lost. I’m not upset about the weight gain, but now more than anything, I am more focused on improving my overall health, strength, and energy level. I know that being more active is the key. I have realized that my goal of working out twice a week is not enough. The good thing is that I am now in a place where I feel extremely motivated to be more active.

My new goal: Participate in some form of physical activity at least 5 days week.

Here’s what I’m focusing on to achieve this goal:

  1. Planning ahead. Establishing a schedule for going to the gym has been important. I know that if I don’t schedule time to workout it won’t happen.
  2. Getting a gym membership. I’ll be honest, I had a membership that I didn’t use for over a year. However, we recently switched gyms and joined our local YMCA. What I love most about the Y so far is the family friendly environment and the variety of classes offered.
  3. Doing workouts that I enjoy and trying new ones. I love Zumba and cardio dance workouts. I’m looking forward to participating in these classes at the Y. I also plan to try out some of the strength training classes.
  4. Home workouts. On days when I can’t make it to the gym I have been doing home workouts. I have found several fitness challenges, body weight routines, and strength training workouts on Pinterest and YouTube. These have been great because I can get a workout in from the comfort of my own my family room.
  5. Walking. I enjoy walking during my lunch break or with my family in the evening. I strive for walking for at least 20-30 minutes. Not only does walking allow me to incorporate physical activity into my day, but it often also allows me to time connect with co-workers or my family.
  6. Last, but not least…focusing on how I feel, not the scale. Judging myself by the number on the scale has never been helpful. Instead of obsessing over how much I weigh, I want to concentrate on how I feel. Do I feel energized? Do I feel confident in my own skin? Do I feel comfortable in my clothing?
Nothing like a new pair of shoes to motivate you!

I’m looking forward to the progress that I will make in the coming months.

What are your fitness goals? What are you doing to accomplish your goals?

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