My Favorite Christmas Movies

It’s finally December and Christmas is fast approaching. We put our Christmas tree up last week and it was Jaden’s first time “helping.” It was fun watching him try to hang bulbs and string beads. One of the best moments was seeing his eyes light up and hearing him loudly proclaim “light” when we turned the lights on.

Usually Christmas leads to some anxiety as we try to figure out gifts to buy and how we will spend time with both of our families. Luckily, we took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to purchase most of our gifts this year. I’m confident we won’t be doing any last minute shopping like we’ve done in the past. And in the last 5 years we have established a few traditions to ensure we have quality time with families.

For me, the Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without movies! I love popping popcorn or enjoying hot chocolate while settling in on the couch to enjoy a good Christmas movie. I have compiled a list of the Christmas movies I look forward to watching each year. Maybe some are on your list; maybe you’ll find something new to consider!

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?

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