Don’t Call Me Mom

All of a sudden my little one doesn’t seem so little anymore. Why? Well, this past week he started calling me Mom! Not Mama, not Mommy, but Mom. Saturday morning, as I’m making his breakfast, Jaden looked right at me and said, “Mom,…”

I don’t recall what came after that because I was dumbfounded that my little boy, my baby, was calling me Mom. He sounded so grown up. Too grown up. I politely told him, “You can call me Mommy.” He looked at me, smiled, and proceeded to call me Mom again. Ever since, he hasn’t stopped. I am now “Mom.”

Clearly, this developmental milestone caught me off guard. I wasn’t prepared, but this change only serves as another reminder that my baby boy is no longer a baby. He continues to demonstrate new skills everyday, growing and developing at a pace that’s often too difficult to keep up with. Most days I wish time would slow down, but I know it won’t. The lesson I’m learning is this: embrace every stage of your child’s life and enjoy each moment to the fullest because they grow up so fast!

Over the last week, I have sort of gotten used to being Mom, but I will continue to appreciate the rare moments I hear my son call me “Mommy.”

I’d love to hear from you.

Have there been milestones in your child’s life that caught you off guard? If so, how did you handle it?

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