Happy 2nd Birthday, Jaden!


Happy birthday, baby boy!

I can’t believe you are another year older! It still seems like just yesterday that you made your entrance into the world, changing our lives forever.

It’s been amazing watching you grow over the last year. Just think, one year ago you weren’t even walking. Now you’re walking, running, jumping, and climbing. You’re so smart too. I can’t even count the number of words you know. It seems like you learn a new one every day. I love talking to you, watching you learn how to put phrases and sentences together, and observing you as you learn how to process your thoughts and feelings about everything around you.

Some of your current likes and interests include basketball, waffles, applesauce, helping daddy with anything he’s doing, counting, singing songs, dinosaurs, cleaning, and The Boss Baby. It’s fun to watch you enjoy so many different things.

I love your smile. I love your laugh. I love when you make me hold your hand or sit next to you on the couch. Even when I’m busy and trying to get things done, all you really care about is us being together. You remember what’s important and you remind me each time to say, “Mommy, sit down!”

You light up the room when you walk in and bring smiles to the faces of everyone you encounter. You are playful, silly, polite, helpful, compassionate and so much more. I hope those qualities continue to develop in you more and more as you grow up. I’m sure I said most of these things in last year’s letter, but they’re true. And I will keep telling you all the things I love about you so you’ll never forget how unique and special you are.

I looking forward to the next year and watching you continue to grow. It’s such a privilege to be blessed with the opportunity to be your mom. I pray often that the Lord will continue to give your dad and I wisdom as we raise you. I hope you enjoy your day!

I love you so much!


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