Pregnancy Update: Weeks 14 – 19

Welcome back!

There have been lots of changes in the last 6 weeks. The most exciting thing was beginning to feel baby move! I started feeling the first movements around week 16. Over the last few weeks, those movements have gotten stronger and more frequent. I mostly notice baby moving during the day after I eat or super early in the morning, like 3 or 4 am. The last time I heard the baby’s heart beat, the doctor found it quickly and it was nice and strong, beating at 148 beats per minute.

How I’m feeling

Around week 16 most of the digestive issues that I dealt with in the first trimester started to subside and my appetite returned. Even with most of my digestive issues fading, I did start to develop heartburn around week 14. My doctor suggested that I start taking an acid reducer because it is likely that the heartburn will only get worse as the pregnancy progresses. Ever since, I have been taking over the counter medicine every morning and that has seemed to help.

During the first trimester, I barely felt like I could make it through each work day without a nap. Now I have more energy to make it through the day, which is a relief. I have been waking up more during the night, either from discomfort or having to use the bathroom. As a result, there are still some days when I feel tired, but overall I feel pretty good.

Physical Changes

It’s been interesting to see my body change so fast in the last 6 weeks or so. My bump has definitely grown much faster than my previous pregnancy. Around week 15, my belly looked as if it really started to pop.

With the growing bump and hormone changes, I’ve experienced back and hip pain. The pain really started near the end of the first trimester, but it started getting worse around week 14. After talking to my doctor, she referred me to a chiropractor, thinking it might be sciatica. Ultimately, the chiropractor determined the pain was in my SI joint (lower back) due to weak supporting muscles in my glutes and legs. I started seeing the chiropractor twice a week and with tissue work, adjustments, and strength exercises, my pain has improved significantly. There are still some days when I experience back pain, but it’s not as bad as it was.

Somewhere around the end of the first trimester, my eyelids started getting really dry and flaky. This is probably the weirdest physical change I have experienced this pregnancy. Most days my eyelids are super red and itchy. So far, nothing has seemed to help so I plan to ask my doctor for more suggestions at my next appointment.


My two biggest craving have been pizza and cereal. I experienced both of these cravings in my first pregnancy, so those have not taken me by surprise.

I still have an aversion to apples, but the change in weather has made me want apple desserts. I think a trip to the apple orchard will have to happen soon so I can make some of my favorite fall treats, apple crisp and apple pie bites.

Looking Ahead

I will be 20 weeks on Wednesday, half way through the pregnancy! Time seems to be flying by. We have an ultrasound and OB appointment scheduled on that day. The most exciting part will be seeing our baby and finding out the gender. Be sure to stay tuned for our gender reveal!

What do you think? Is baby #2 a boy or girl?

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