Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21-27

Today I’m 28 weeks, officially in the third trimester. In about 12 weeks or so we will be welcoming our baby girl to the family.

The weather has quickly changed here in Indiana. Luckily, our family was still able to enjoy one of our favorite fall activities, visiting the apple orchard. And of course, making one of our favorite fall treats, apple pie bites. Yum!

As the weather has changed, one of the biggest challenges has been finding a coat that will be warm enough to withstand the colder weather ahead. I’ve tried coats from several places and have yet to be successful at finding one that fits me. This week, I ordered the same coat in two different sizes from Old Navy. Hopefully one works out.

Here’s a recap of weeks 21-27.

How I’m feeling

Compared to the first trimester, I’ve had more energy and have been able to get through my work days without feeling like I need a nap. However, over the last two weeks or so, I haven’t been sleeping well at night. I’ve been waking up to use the bathroom at least once. It’s also been hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. Most nights I wake up several times on my back, which isn’t a recommended sleep position at this point in the pregnancy. More than anything, the biggest difference from the first trimester has been more physical change.

Physical Changes

As you know, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor since week 14 to help with back pain. At this point in the pregnancy, my back is feeling great. However, I’ve swapped back pain for pelvic pain. This started around week 24 or so and hasn’t gotten any better. I did purchase a maternity belt, but I have found that it is only helpful when I know I will be walking around for an extended period of time. I’ve continued to see the chiropractor, but that hasn’t really made a difference in the pelvic pain.

My belly has grown a lot over the last few weeks. My belly button has popped out and the linea negra (the dark line across the belly) has appeared. I’m almost to the point where I can’t see my toes when I look down!

Baby girl has been moving a lot! She tends to be pretty active during the day, in the late evening, and in the early morning hours, like 3:00 or 4:00am. Basically all the time! Her movements are getting stronger as well. One day, I was in a meeting and she kicked me so hard that I jumped! I scared everyone in the meeting with me lol.


I still have an aversion to apples. That seems to be the only thing that I can’t eat at this point. My cravings have been all over the place, but I haven’t craved anything consistently. Some of my cravings over the last few weeks include cereal, ice cream, pizza, chicken strips, and Popeye’s biscuits.

Looking Ahead

I’m looking forward to the holidays and spending time with my family. This is our last holiday season before we become a family of four. I’m also looking forward to preparing the nursery and getting all of baby girl’s things organized. After Thanksgiving, we plan to celebrate baby girl with a small “baby sprinkle.”

Thanks for following along on my pregnancy journey. Stay tuned for more updates!

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