Skylar’s 6 Month Update

Skylar is 6 months old! It’s crazy to think we are half way through her first year of life.

Skylar’s Stats at 6 Months

Height – 27 1/4 inches

Weight – 16 lbs 3 oz

The last few weeks have been full of developmental milestones, reminding me how fast our babies grow up! 😢

Since her last update…

Skylar has mastered rolling over in both directions. When she’s laying on the floor, she is quick to roll to her belly. She has even started to push up and move around/army crawl.

She has made progress in sitting up on her own. She’s not yet able to sit completely unsupported, but she can sit by herself for more than a few seconds at a time, unless she gets distracted, mostly by her feet, which she loves! We can often catch her with her toes in her mouth if she’s laying down on the floor or in the middle of a diaper change.

Sitting up and playing with big brother
Toes, toes, toes lol

Skylar also loves bath time! Now that she can sit up in the tub, she loves to kick and splash in the water.

Bath time fun!

Skylar is also teething! Her two bottom teeth are starting to come in. Just this week, we noticed the corner of one tooth poking through the gum line. The other is not far behind it.


I am still breastfeeding and it continues to go well. I nurse on demand, but the number of times I am nursing during the day has started to decline.

Skylar is more efficient these days, but easily distracted. I often have to be in a quiet space, free of other people and noise for her to stay focused on nursing. Since she is in daycare full time, she still gets bottles 3 times a day and I am still pumping 3 times a day at work.

Within the last month, we started introducing solids. It’s been a fun experience for all of us. To date we have tried: oatmeal, bananas, carrots, apples, pears, mashed potatoes, and yogurt. Skylar has loved it all! She enjoys sitting in her high chair or at the table with us when we’re eating and we’re looking forward to her being able to try more foods in the coming months.


Skylar is an early to bed, early to rise girl. Most days she goes to bed between 6:00 and 6:30 pm and wakes up around 6:00 am.

While she’s not waking up as often, Skylar is still not sleeping through the night. More recently, she’s been waking up in the early morning hours. That varies from day to day, but typically between 1:00 and 3:00 am. The early morning wake ups are hard. I usually find it difficult to get back to sleep or get restful sleep after a 3:00 am wake up. I am starting to think about sleep training, but I’m not sure when we will start because our family will be making a big transition in the next few weeks. Who knows, she may start sleeping through the night on her own. *fingers crossed*

Best Moments

My favorite part of the day is picking Skylar up from daycare. As soon as she sees me walk into her classroom, her face lights up and she gives me the biggest smile. I also love how her personality is starting to shine through even more. She loves to laugh; it’s so contagious. She’s very easy going, but also very silly, much like her brother was at this age.

Speaking of big brother…I’ve said it before, but I can already tell Skylar has a lot of love for him. He can make her smile like no one else. It’s been cool to see him taking more interest in playing with or being around her, even though he often doesn’t want to share his toys very long.

Best big brother ever!


At her 6 month check up, Skylar was diagnosed with a double ear infection. She didn’t seem to bothered by the infection, but the biggest challenge has been dealing with the diarrhea/loose stool caused by the antibiotic she was prescribed. The result, lots and lots of laundry!

Luckily, the ear infection cleared up and her bowel movements are slowly getting back to normal.

Another challenge we are dealing with is separation anxiety. It’s not terrible, but we have noticed it creeping in. There have been moments where Skylar won’t go to anyone else except me, including her dad and grandparents. Anytime I’m not near her, she watches my every move. If she sees me and then I step away, she will start crying for me. I’ll admit, I love that she wants me, but I also want her to be comfortable with others. Hopefully this phase passes quickly!

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