Raising Mixed Children

Our bedtime story, “Skin Like Mine” by LaTashia M. Perry, promoted conversation about skin color last night. As we talked with our four year old about different skin colors, he mentioned that he and his best friend both have white skin. He wasn’t completely wrong in his observation. At his fairest shade, their skin color is very similar. His dad and I tried to explain that he and his friend are actually a little different because he is mixed.

This conversation brought me back to thoughts I shared on Indianapolis Moms, a locally-focused parenting resource for moms and families.

I am black. My husband is white. Before becoming a mom, I always wondered what my kids would look like. We now have two beautiful mixed children. As we are raising them, I am beginning to wrestle with questions about their identity. How will the world see them? How will they see themselves? The answers to those questions are not so black and white.

Sierra Sullivan

To read more, check out the the entire post.

Raising Mixed Children: It’s Not So Black and White

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