Taking Time to Grieve

My Facebook memory was pictures from a visit to the Children’s Museum last year. It was the last day of the Paw Patrol exhibit. I promised my son I would take him. We almost missed it. Thinking back to that day, I remember him running freely through the Paw Patrol exhibit. Touching everything! Exploring! Having a blast, without a care in the world! We continued to roam the museum, brushing shoulders with other kids. Eyes wide, he took in everything around him. That was a great day!

That memory reminded me how care free life seemed before coronavirus gripped our world. Sadly, we aren’t planning any visits to the museum or very many places, for that matter, anytime soon.

Our youngest is too little to wear a mask. The oldest doesn’t technically have to wear one according to our local mandate, but we would feel safer if he did. He is just now coming around to the idea of wearing a mask since we purchased new ones from Target, but we haven’t tried them in public yet. He says he will wear one, but knowing my son, I don’t see the mask lasting very long. He’s 4!

Those pictures got me thinking of all the things we have missed out on. The freedom to move freely, without masks and sanitizer on hand. Impromptu store runs. Family vacation. The trip to California that I always dreamed of. Face to face connection with friends and loved ones. These things may seem trivial to some, but I have to admit it pains me to sit with the reality of all the that we have lost or missed out on because of this pandemic.

When this all started, our pastor invited our entire church to take the time to grieve what we had lost because of coronavirus. Back then, I didn’t take the time to do it. Maybe I was in denial, maybe I was still trying to come to grips with what was happening. Regardless of what it was, I didn’t take that time to grieve.

So here I am now, processing, grieving. Will you join me? Will you take the time to reflect on what this pandemic has taken from you? I’ll give you a few minutes. Take more time if you need it.


  1. Ah, you wrote such words of wisdom and understanding of what our world has lost! I bet you will soon write one reflecting the positive aspects of this Pandemic. Are is that an oxymoron??? You are amazing!


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