Happy 2nd Birthday, Skylar!


Happy birthday, baby girl! I can’t believe you are two years old! How did that happen so fast?!

The last year has certainly been different from what we imagined it would be. Who knew we would be in a pandemic, forced to stay home, wear masks, do temperature checks, and use obscene amounts of hand sanitizer! Though this year has been challenging, you have continued to be a bright light in our family. More time at home has meant more time together. And what a blessing that has been!

In the last year you have grown so much and learned so many new things. You took your first steps and are now confidently walking, running, and jumping. You are learning new words and phrases everyday. You enjoy singing, dancing, and rough housing with your brother. You know your ABCs (in English and Spanish), colors, shapes, and can count to 10 all on your own. Your favorite shows are Paw Patrol and Bluey. Some of your favorite songs are Baby Shark, Five Little Ducks, The Wheels on the Bus, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and anything Kidz Bop.

It’s been fun watching your personality develop. You are independent, compassionate, and loving. When you’re brother is upset, nothing calms him down like an embrace from you. When someone hurts themselves you rush to their side and ask if they are okay. Your favorite phrase when you don’t want to do something is, “no, mommy!” with your little figure pointed at me lol. I often wonder if those moments where we “disagree” foreshadows what’s to come. But that doesn’t matter right now. As your mom, I hope to do my best to continue to nurture the amazing qualities I see in your right now.

Happy birthday, baby! We can’t wait to celebrate you today!



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