The Text I Didn’t Know I Needed

There I sat in church listening to the pastor deliver his message. My phone vibrated. I looked down and read the text, the one I didn’t know I needed.

I immediately felt the tears well up in my eyes. All weekend I had been an anxious mess. I felt like a rubberband stretched to it’s limit, on the verge of snapping. I needed a break.

Anxiety started building early on Friday morning. I was already mentally exhausted from my normal, everyday mom duties and caring for my two high energy kids. So much so that I googled “exhausted by my kids” to find something, anything, to let me know I wasn’t alone.

Don’t get my wrong, I love my kids and the fact that they are curious (cue all the questions) and full of energy and personality, but at times it can be overwhelming. I didn’t help that I checked the weather and learned that we could expect severe storms that night, storms not typical for December in Indiana. I was immediately on alert. As the day progressed and the chance for severe weather continued to increase my anxiety increased along with it. Add two rambunctious, unsuspecting kids to the mix and that only made things worse. A ball of anxiety and ready to spring into action to protect my family, if needed, I barely slept.

The next morning, still tired from the night before, we then had to deal with several hours without power. Trying to keep the kids calm and entertained in the midst of my own anxiety wasn’t easy. I was irritable, frustrated, annoyed, and tired. Not a good combination. By Sunday morning I needed a break, but I didn’t see one coming anytime soon. I tried to suck it up and go with the flow.

Then I got the text from my dad. It was an answered prayer.

As we prepared to take the kids to their grandparents house, I thought, “What does one do with a few hours to themselves on a Sunday afternoon?” I could run errands. I could meal prep. I could help my husband finish the laundry. Lots of things could be checked off the to do list. However, by the time we dropped the kids off all I wanted was a cookie and a nap. Sadly, the cookie store was closed, but the couch was calling my name.

Abandoning all responsibilities, I settled in on the couch for a two hour nap. When I woke up, I breathed in the silence of the house, a rare occurence these days, and then enjoyed an uninterruped meal (that I didn’t cook) with my husband. It was just what I needed.

Today I feel refreshed and more like myself. I am grateful that I listened to my body and decided rest was more important than the to do list. I am also grateful for my parents and how they love on and care for my kids. In doing so, they continue to love and care for me.

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