Embracing the Ease of Summer

We’re in the fourth week of summer break and I feel like I am finally embracing the ease of summer. 

While I could be upset that it’s taken this long to relax into the slower pace summer offers, I’m choosing to focus on the fact that I have arrived here and how good it feels. 

What took me so long?

I’ve been wrestling with the weight of anxiety since the last week of the school year. My husband was away for a week due to work and after that he tested positive for COVID. As a result, I endured almost two weeks of solo parenting. As soon as he recovered, we flew across the country to celebrate our ten year anniversary. 

In the midst of the chaos of life, it was difficult to relax. Now, my mind and body are no longer survival mode. The tension has dissipated. There’s nothing big on the horizon that calls for so much planning or thinking ahead. I can finally relax. I can finally breathe. I’m embracing the ease of the summer.

What does that look like?

I’m “sleeping in!”

If you’re a parent of young kids, you know sleeping in doesn’t really exist. But there have been days where my kids sleep past their normal wake up time. In those moments I have enjoyed laying in bed a little past my alarm, admiring the early morning sunlight as it peeks through the blinds, and taking in the silence of the house.

I am relaxing my routine a little bit.

I say a little bit because I’m someone who needs routine to function well. However, I have realized there are areas of our life where I can be more lenient, leaving room for spontaneity. I only schedule one or two activities a day so that we have some flexibility and time to just be.

I am embracing saying “yes” more often.

In the chaos of life, I often find myself saying “no” to my kids’ requests. This summer I’m making a conscious effort to say “yes” more often. That might mean an ice cream bar for snack, buying a random t shirt at the store just because my son wants it, or taking the kids to the pool as soon as it opens, even if it’s cloudy and maybe not the most ideal conditions for mom.

As always, I am continuing to give myself grace. I know this time I have at home with my kids is quickly passing by so I’m taking the time to embrace it. I’m leaning into the ease the summer offers and fully enjoying it! 

How are you embracing the ease of this season?

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