How Are You Feeling This Holiday Season?

I recently listened to an episode of “The Mom Hour” titled A Charcuterie of Emotions. The topic of discussion was emotions of the holiday season. The hosts, Meagan and Sarah, shared their hopes and feelings for the holidays and then eight moms read personal essays exploring different holiday feelings. As I stood at the stove listening to these moms and stirring Sunday’s soup, I silently asked myself, “How are you feeling this holiday season?”

Good question! I hadn’t taken the time to really think about.

With Christmas less than two weeks away, I’m not sad or filled with grief, but I’m also not overly happy or excited either. “Meh” is the best way I can describe it. The challenging part, I can’t pinpoint the cause of this indifference. Maybe it’s stress. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re trying our best to stay healthy in what has been deemed a “tripledemic.” Or maybe it’s the feeling that the holiday season has become one big checklist of things to do.

  • Cue the Christmas music, check
  • Put up the tree, check
  • Hang the decorations, check
  • Visit Santa, check
  • Drink hot chocolate, check
  • Watch all the Christmas movies, check
  • See the lights, check
  • Finish shopping before you miss out on the best deals, check

The magic of the season seems to be missing, and unfortunately, I’m not sure how to find it again.

If you’re feeling a bit like me this season, I want you to know you’re not alone.As I end this, I wish I had a solution for us, but right now I don’t. My prayer is that we slow down this holiday season, remember the true meaning of Christmas, release the pressure to make everything perfect, , and that the magic of this season finds us again.

How are you feeling this holiday season?

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