A Playlist for the Holiday Season

Can you believe it’s December? The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means…Christmas music! For most of November, I was itching to break out my Christmas playlist, but I stuck to my tradition and held out until Thanksgiving Day.

What makes Christmas music unique is that artists of all genres can sing the same song, yet make it their own. I can listen to same Christmas song and still experience it differently. Two years ago, I shared a playlist that included some of my favorite Christmas songs, with classics from Bing Crosby and The Temptations to more modern Christmas tunes from Justin Bieber and Pentatonix.

This year I wanted to do something different. I grew up listening to a lot of R&B/soul music so it’s no surprise that the Christmas songs I love the most are those by some of the most iconic R&B/soul singers.

Sierra’s Soulful Christmas features over 2 hours of my favorite Christmas songs. Most of the songs on this playlist are nostalgic, reminding me of many childhood holiday memories like traveling to Kentucky to spend Christmas with my grandparents and extended family, the men’s choir at church singing their rendition of Silent Night (Temptations’ Style), or making a Christmas mix CD with my sister (I think I still have that CD lol).

Click to listen!

Happy Holidays!


It’s Time for Christmas Movies!

Can you believe we are 3 weeks away from Christmas?!

This year may look different from years past, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy some of our favorite family traditions.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is Christmas movies. I love curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn or some hot chocolate to enjoy a good holiday film. Every year, there are always new Christmas movies streaming on all our favorite platforms that I enjoy watching, but nothing beats watching one of my favorites.

Most of the movies I enjoy watching at Christmas time are classics that the entire family can watch together. Check out my list below. Maybe you’ll find a new Christmas movie to add to your list of favorites.

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?


My Christmas Playlist

Today I’m sharing my Christmas Playlist. It includes some of my favorite Christmas songs, with classics from Bing Crosby and The Temptations to more modern Christmas tunes from Justin Bieber and Pentatonix. I grew up listening to a lot of soul and R&B music, so majority of the Christmas songs on my playlist definitely have that kind of vibe.

Creating this list brought back memories of middle school choir concerts and road trips to Kentucky to visit my grandparents, aunts, and uncles during the holiday season.

I hope this playlist will help get you in the Christmas spirit. Maybe you’ll find some new favorites to add to your list.

Happy Listening!

What’s on your Christmas playlist? Share in the comments below!


Holiday Traditions

It’s December and the Christmas season is upon us. I love this time of year because it is filled with family traditions. Our family has changed over the last 6 years and our traditions have evolved as well. I have enjoyed establishing family traditions because I know those traditions will lead to memories that will last us a lifetime and inspire our children to one day do the same with their own families.

Today, I’m sharing some of our family’s holiday traditions.

Serving Others

Growing up, I always saw my parents going above and beyond to help others in need. It is their service to others that fostered that same desire in me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been volunteering on Thanksgiving morning with my family’s church to prepare meals for those in need as part of the Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Dinner, an annual even sponsored by the Mozel Sanders Foundation. Each year, the Mozel Sanders Foundation provides thousands of hot meals to people in need across the city of Indianapolis on Thanksgiving Day. When Tommy and I got married, we continued this tradition of serving on Thanksgiving morning and plan to do it as long as we can. The past three years, we have taken Jaden along with us because it’s important that he sees us serving others. Hopefully, we will inspire him to continue acts of service as he grows up.

For the past few years, we have also served with a local organization that provides Christmas trees and gifts to families in need in the county we live in. It’s always fun to wrap gifts for others and hear the stories of how much joy this organization brings to those in need during the holiday season.

Decorating The Christmas Tree

One tradition that we held in our house growing up was decorating the Christmas tree during Thanksgiving weekend. I remember playing Christmas music on my dad’s old stereo and my mom baking chocolate chip cookies. The year we got married, Tommy and I purchased our first Christmas tree and decorated it during Thanksgiving weekend. Although little, the tree was perfect for our small one bedroom apartment. Ever since, that’s been our family tradition. For the past two years, it’s been fun seeing Jaden get excited about “helping” us decorate the tree.

Breakfast with Santa

Each year, the Jaden’s daycare hosts Breakfast with Santa. We’re able to get an annual photo with Santa and enjoy some holiday fun and games with the daycare staff and other families.

Breakfast with Santa 2018

Christmas Service

Each year, we invite both our families to join us at one of the many Christmas services hosted by our church. We love that we get to celebrate the true meaning of the season with both of our families.

Christmas Morning

Prior to his birth, we would spend almost all of Christmas day at my in laws house. On Jaden’s first Christmas, we started a new tradition of spending Christmas morning at home. On Christmas morning, I make breakfast and we open gifts together. My parents and grandparents have joined us in this tradition, which has made Christmas morning even more special.

Jaden’s 1st Christmas – 2016

Christmas 2017

I’m looking forward to continuing our family traditions and maybe adding a few more this holiday season. It’s the last Christmas we will celebrate as a family of three!

Happy Holidays!

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Leave a comment below.


My Favorite Christmas Movies

It’s finally December and Christmas is fast approaching. We put our Christmas tree up last week and it was Jaden’s first time “helping.” It was fun watching him try to hang bulbs and string beads. One of the best moments was seeing his eyes light up and hearing him loudly proclaim “light” when we turned the lights on.

Usually Christmas leads to some anxiety as we try to figure out gifts to buy and how we will spend time with both of our families. Luckily, we took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to purchase most of our gifts this year. I’m confident we won’t be doing any last minute shopping like we’ve done in the past. And in the last 5 years we have established a few traditions to ensure we have quality time with families.

For me, the Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without movies! I love popping popcorn or enjoying hot chocolate while settling in on the couch to enjoy a good Christmas movie. I have compiled a list of the Christmas movies I look forward to watching each year. Maybe some are on your list; maybe you’ll find something new to consider!

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?