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Four Ideas For Reconnecting With Your Spouse

It’s February and for most love is on the brain as Valentine’s Day approaches. Today I’m sharing four ideas to help you reconnect with your spouse this month, not because I’m an expert in relationships, but because this is something I have lived and learned. Let me be honest; in the midst of caring for… Continue reading Four Ideas For Reconnecting With Your Spouse

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Viva Las Vegas!

A week and a half ago, Tommy and I hit a milestone in our marriage, 5 years married! That's right, we celebrated our 5-year anniversary. It's hard to believe that 5 years has gone by since we said "I do." To celebrate our anniversary, we took a trip to Las Vegas! People who know us… Continue reading Viva Las Vegas!

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Being Dad

Parenting is hard work. I'm sure most would agree with that. It's often us moms who get the recognition for all of the work that is put into raising children, mostly because in our society mothers are regarded as the primary caregivers. In conversations with other moms, I often find myself talking about how difficult… Continue reading Being Dad

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Don’t Forget About Us

This year Tommy and I will celebrate 5 years of marriage! We've experienced so much together throughout the last five years. From navigating the early days of marriage, surgeries, graduate school, new jobs, buying a house, and most recently, the birth of our son. This last year has been an exciting one, but it has… Continue reading Don’t Forget About Us