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Chasing the Next Big Thing

In the last 5 years, I have let several big things define my life: getting married, completing my masters, being pregnant, and having my son. Now that the attention that those “big” things brought has worn off, I have felt as if my life was missing something, like I should be doing more, like it’s… Continue reading Chasing the Next Big Thing

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Riddle Me This…

Hey there! You're probably here to find out the answer to the riddle I posted on my Instagram page, right? In case you missed it, here it is one more time... If you're like me you probably guessed the answer is love; it makes sense, right? But, the actual answer is... FRIENDSHIP I've thought a… Continue reading Riddle Me This…

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21 Days of Prayer: Personal Reflection

Our 21 Days of Prayer has come to an end. If you missed my last post, twice a year, in January and August, our church sets aside 21 days to focus on prayer and hearing from God, essentially a time of spiritual reset. For this cycle of 21 Days of Prayer, I decided to take… Continue reading 21 Days of Prayer: Personal Reflection