Mama Spotlight

Mama Spotlight: Kaijah

Welcome back! This week will be the last Mama Spotlight of this season 😢. I have had the privilege of featuring some amazing moms over the last few weeks. I hope you have enjoyed their stories as much as I have. If you’ve missed any of my recent features you can find them here. Today … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Kaijah

Mama Spotlight: Amber

Hey friends! I’m really excited about this Mama Spotlight. Today you get to hear from my neighbor, Amber. After the murder of George Floyd, our church hosted an outdoor prayer gathering. I extended an invitation to my Facebook friends and Amber showed up with her daughter. Although we lived in the same neighborhood, that day … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Amber

Mama Spotlight: Sandy

Hello, friends! I’m back again with another Mama Spotlight. Today you’ll hear from Sandy. I met Sandy and her husband when I was working with a campus ministry called The Impact Movement. I recently connected with Sandy on Instagram after she shared a post about her daughter being in the toddler stage. I am in … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Sandy

Mama Spotlight: Michele

Today I’m featuring another inspirational mom, Michele. I’ve known Michele and her family for a very long time, practically my entire life. She is someone I have always admired from a distance because of the joy and positive energy she radiates. As I was reading her interview responses, I could literally feel that positive energy … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Michele

Mama Spotlight: Ronnita

Welcome back! Today the spotlight is on Ronnita, a woman I have known since I was in second grade! I was her first Sunday School student she continued to be my teacher until I graduated from high school. From the moment I met her, Ronnita was always a trusted adult in my life. She encouraged … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Ronnita

Mama Spotlight: Cierra

Welcome back! I’m excited to continue the Mama Spotlight series this fall. I will be highlighting more great moms over the coming weeks so I hope you will continue to follow along! Today, the spotlight is on my college friend Cierra. I met Cierra the summer before freshman year when we were both participants in … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Cierra

Mama Spotlight: Caitlin

Welcome back! This week’s Mama Spotlight is my friend Caitlin. Caitlin and I met within the last year after our four year old’s became best friends. Through play dates, FaceTime calls and other conversations, I have had the opportunity to get to know Caitlin a little bit more. One thing that I admire about her … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Caitlin

Mama Spotlight: Paula

This week I’m sharing my interview with my friend Paula. I’ve known Paula for almost 5 years now. As our friendship has grown, I have come to appreciate several things about her. She is loyal, supportive, and resilient. She asks good questions and she always gives sound advice. I’m confident you will learn something from … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Paula

Mama Spotlight: Kaley

Welcome back! I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am. There have been so many nuggets of wisdom shared from all the moms I have interviewed so far. You can check out the previous interviews here. This week, I am sharing my interview with my friend Kaley who I met as … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Kaley

Mama Spotlight: Alyssia

Welcome back! Today, I am sharing my interview with one of my best friends. I met Alyssia when I was a sophomore in college. We’ve shared high moments and low moments. We’ve watched each other grow into wives and moms. I’ve always admired Alyssia’s wisdom and her ability to help me see the positive in … Continue reading Mama Spotlight: Alyssia

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