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Four Ideas For Reconnecting With Your Spouse

It’s February and for most love is on the brain as Valentine’s Day approaches. Today I’m sharing four ideas to help you reconnect with your spouse this month, not because I’m an expert in relationships, but because this is something I have lived and learned. Let me be honest; in the midst of caring for… Continue reading Four Ideas For Reconnecting With Your Spouse

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Don’t Call Me Mom

All of a sudden my little one doesn’t seem so little anymore. Why? Well, this past week he started calling me Mom! Not Mama, not Mommy, but Mom. Saturday morning, as I’m making his breakfast, Jaden looked right at me and said, “Mom,..." I don’t recall what came after that because I was dumbfounded that… Continue reading Don’t Call Me Mom

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One word I'm thinking a lot about these days as we get closer to Jaden's first birthday is weaning. Before Jaden was born I knew I wanted to breastfeed. For me, it only seemed right to give it a try; I didn't really think twice about it. I read about all the benefits of breastfeeding… Continue reading Weaning…

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I’m A Mom?!

August 30, 2015. That Sunday morning changed the course of my life. I remember taking the test just to prove to myself that I wasn’t pregnant. After waiting a few minutes, I picked up the test and there it was, POSITIVE. I couldn’t believe it, we were going to have a baby! I was going… Continue reading I’m A Mom?!