Why I Write

I never imagined myself as a blogger, sharing details of my life online. I would describe myself as a pretty private person, with only a few people who are close to me getting a glimpse into my thoughts.

This idea all started with my normal morning commute to work. It was mid-December and I was thinking about how quickly our first Christmas with our son was approaching. Then it hit me, the last 8 months or so had gone by so fast that I barely had time to process all the changes that had occurred in my life. I tend to be an internal processor, thinking through everything in my head or writing in my journal. It was during that morning drive that I realized I hadn’t taken the time to get my thoughts out on paper. I knew it was time to write.

At that point I didn’t know if my writing would just be for me or to share with others. After much thought, I felt the Lord prompting me to share my experiences with other people through a blog. I knew that the idea of starting a blog could only be from the Lord since sharing my life in this manner is so completely out of my character.

So here I am, beginning this blogging journey. I imagine this place being somewhere for me to share about my life and document my journey through motherhood. I imagine that this space will give me opportunity to record and process current and past experiences. And ultimately, I hope this blog can be a place where you find inspiration and hope!