Family Photos

A couple weeks ago we took family photos to commemorate one year of life with our son, Jaden. The photos were taken in our home as we went about our normal playtime. Initially, we were a little worried about how the images would turn out since we had only done posed photo sessions in the past. We also weren’t sure how Jaden would do in front of the camera since he’s so active now. 

Our photographer, Kelley Jordan, was amazing! She made us feel extra comfortable as she took pictures. She simply followed us around the house, taking photos as we played and interacted with Jaden. To our surprise, our boy did amazing; he loved being in front of the camera!

I’m so glad we decided to invest in capturing this special time in our lives. Now we have memories to share with Jaden for years to come. 

Check out some our favorites photos from the shoot:

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For more information on our photographer, Kelley Jordan, visit her website:

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