Skylar’s 6 Week Update

I can’t believe Skylar has been apart of our family for 6 weeks. Some days it feels like she’s been with us much longer and other days, it seems like just yesterday that we brought her home. Our family feels complete with her. She fits right in.

Before Skylar was born, I was worried about how Jaden would adjust to having a baby sister. Surprisingly, he has adjusted well to his new role of big brother. He’s very caring and loving toward his sister. He always asks to hold her, he tries to soothe her when she’s fussy, and he tries to “help” with diaper changes. I thinking keep Jaden’s schedule as normal as possible and maintaining his routine, including going to daycare, has helped tremendously.

I’m extremely grateful that my husband was able to take three weeks off from work. I’m also grateful for our family and friends. Because of them, we didn’t have to worry about meals for about 3 weeks. Our families have also been great about spending time with Jaden, making sure he gets plenty of attention.

Skylar’s Stats at 1 Month:

Weight – 9lbs 8oz

Height – 21.75 in


I am exclusively breastfeeding Skylar. She nurses about every 2 hours, sometimes more frequently. So far our breastfeeding journey has been going well. As of now, I am hoping to at least nurse her through the first year.


The first few weeks were tough. Skylar would only sleep in our arms. As soon as we put her down, she would instantly start crying. I wasn’t expecting this. With our son, we could at least lay him in the rock n play for a little bit. Not Skylar. No bassinet, rock n play, swing, etc worked for her. And forget swaddling. She would constantly fight to get her arms out. As a result, we spent our nights taking turns holding her in our recliner.

Over the last two weeks, her sleep has improved. We found a swaddle that has worked well and Skylar will now sleep in the rock n play. Most nights, her first stretch of sleep will be about about 3 hours. After that, she usually wakes every 1.5 to 2 hours.

Best Moments

The best thing about the last 6 weeks has been watching Skylar grow right before our eyes. The smallest thing, like seeing her eyelashes grow, has intrigued me. She started smiling at the end of week 4 and now she’s more alert and starting to interact with us.


The biggest challenge in the last 6 weeks has been lack of sleep. I forgot how little sleep you really get during the first few months. It’s also been hard for me to follow the advice “sleep when baby sleeps.” I’m not good at taking naps or sleeping during the day.

I can’t wait to see how Skylar continues to grow and develop in the coming weeks.

One Month Old
6 Weeks Old; Smiling 😀

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